[Wrap-Up] New Author Reading Challenge 2014

FYI, aku nggak bikin update 2 bulan sekali dengan buat post baru, langsung buat Wrap-Up Post aja [penyakit males]. Di RC ini, saya ambil level middle yang diharuskan baca 15 sampai 30 buku, dan semoga aja bisa naik level ke Hard 🙂
So, langsung aja nii list nya:



1. Marriageable By Dyah Rini
2. Explicit Love Story By Lee Sae In
3. The Man Next Door By Angelique Puspadewi  
4. A Miracle Of Touch By Riawani Elyta
5. After D-100 By Park Mi Youn
6. Seoul Love Story By Meiliana Zaenudin
7. BlackJack By Clara Ng



8. The Last 2% By Kim Rang
9. Always With Me By Hyun Go Wun
10. Dear Friend With Love By Nurilla Iryani
11. Yamaniwa By Netty Virginiati
12. An Affair to Forget by Armaya Junior



13. Divergent By Veronica Roth



14. Hijau By Agnes Jesica
15. Run To You By Indah Hanaco
16. Till It’s Gone By Kezia Evi Wiadji
17. Benabook By Benazio Rizki
18. Marginalia By Dyah Rini
19. Kotak Mimpi By Primadona Angela



20. Cinta Masa Lalu By Nima Muntaz
21. Wishing Her To Die By Jung Soo Hyun
22. Always, Laila By Andi Eriawan



23. Cinta. (baca pakai titik) By Bernard Batubara
24. The Fault in Our Stars By John Green
25. The Devil Who Tamed Her By Johanna Lindsey
 26. Love & misadventure By Long Leav
27. Who Are You? By Lim Eun Hee



28. Selamat Datang Cinta by Odet Rachmawati
29. Girls in The Dark by Akiyoshi Rikako
30. Interlude by Windry Rahmadina



31. Sweet Melody 1 & 2 by Baek Myo
32. X: Kenangan yang Berpulang by Devania Annesya



33. Heart Quay by Putu Felisia
34. The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith
35. Selamanya Cinta by Rudy Efendi


36. Priceless Moment by Prisca Primasari
37. FATE
38. Menunggu by Robin Wijaya
39. People Like Us by Yosephine Monica
40. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell



41. Mahogany Hills by Tia Widiana
42. I Hate Rich Men by Virginia Novita
43. Bonus Track by Koshigaya Osamu
44. Al Dente by Helvira Hasan
45. Mei Hwa: Sang Pelintas Zaman by Afifah Afira
46. Covet by Tracey Garvis Graves


47. A Dandelion Wish by Xi Zhi
48. Tangled by Emma Chase
49. Let Me Kiss You by Christina Juzwar
50. Let Go by Windhy Puspitadewi


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