Book Review: Love & Misadventure


Judul: Love & Misadventure
Penulis: Lang Leav
Tebal: 176 hlm.
Versi: E-book
Genre: Poerty Book


Actually, this book isn’t my cup of tea at all, and i’m not a poetry readers, and now, i founding myself is get insane with poerty book! Not because i don’t like this book. But, otherwise, I love this book so much!
I’ve been finished this book 2 weeks ago, and just wrote and posted the review today. All i want to say is was: This is my first time read a poetry books and i fall in love with this book!
The author of this book, Lang Leav is new author to me. Because i never read her book, until 2 weeks ago and started to read!.
I’ve felt in love with the cover! The cover looks so cool, and simple at the same time. Easier to understand and adequately described all matters of feeling.
Actually, i’ve buy this book solely because the cover looks so pretty.
I love the way Lang Leav writes all the poet. And, Of course i’ve enjoyed all the poet.
I don’t say the poem is very good, and otherwise, the poem in this book is simple, but can amazed me. Every poem put my feelings into it.
It’s amazing, how just eight little lines can tug at your heartstrings and bring along with a flood of emoticons. Real and Raw. Some of the poems are very short (four lines or more) but paint a story as well.
This book is so popular in GoodReads, so many people gave 5 stars to this book, and so do i. And i curious about it. Why this book so popular? And finally i found what makes this book so popular: this is high-quality poems! (But shakespare’s poems more high quality! OF COURSE! He’s the best author ever!, Gawd. Back in time.)
Overall, i’ve enjoyed this book so far, every page was full of emoticons and have a beautiful meaning! I recommended you all to read this poerty book! (Even if this book isn’t your cup of tea, at least, give a try!)