[Movie Review] The Martian

Me and my cousins watched this movie together on saturday night around 9pm. So, after i watch the movie, i decided to write the review of this movie.

To be honest, i never really like sci-fci movie. I think it because sci-fci movie is very hard to understand (i mean, understand the story plot. But, i won’t mind if there’s any sci-fci+romance movie.)
Talking about sci-fci, i’ve watched a movie titled ‘Gravity’. The story’s idea is almost equal to The Martian. No really equal, but.. yeah…
Gravity is telling about a woman whom’s trapped in the space because her crew’s spaceship has damaged (i forgot what was the cause) the rest of her crews were die, left her alone in the space. With her spacesuit and her limited oxygen, she’s struggling to survive.
Really, Gravity is farrr from good. The movie was very boring. I said this not because i hate the actors or actress or whatev, but it was a reality. I think, Gravity should’ve been on list’s ‘The Most Boring Movies Ever Made’.

Back to the topics…
The Martian is Sci-fci movie based on Andy Weir’s novel which starring Matt Damon as Mark Watney.
Watney is an astronaut who’s assumsed that he has died because of the storms that hit mars when Watney and his crews with Ares III spaceship manned missions to Mars.
Yes, they were missunderstood. Watney hasn’t die (yet).
So, with his botanical knowledges, he decided to grow some potatoes in Mars, in the Habitat (Habitat is Ares crews resident) (wow!). By the way, he’s using his own feces as fertilisers (ugh!)
Mark Watney has one chance to be survived and come back home: wait for Ares IV which will landing on Mars 4 years later.
Fortunately, one of Nasa’s engineers realized that there’s something’s moving in Mars. They realized that Watney is still alive.
After that, they started to think about make contact with Watney in Mars.

Life is hard, in the Earth. It’s harder in Mars. True?

I really like this movie. As sci-fci movie, this movie is very good. Especially, this movie was set in the Mars. The actor who’s starring as Mark Watney is very impress me with his acting skills.
By the way, there’s a little bit of humor senses in this movie (i’d like it if there’s more.. kekekeke) and.. yes… a little ridiculous scenes. It’s Watney’s bodies tranformations.

Actually, at first, i really can’t understand every single thing. I think this movie is hard to understand (or am i the one who’s hard to understand? nevermind!). At first, i didn’t know that ‘SOL’ is like ‘DAY’ on Earth.
At first, i think ‘SOL’ is places name.

Overall, this movie is amazed me! Not because of the storyline, i think it more because of the technologys that used for the movie (Some articles said that there’s some real technologys in NASA that used in that movie)

By the way, this month i watched 3 movie already. First is The Martian, following by Crimson Peak (This is a great movie! OMG! I do really love the characters, storyline, conflict, all of them! I even think that this movie is the greatest movie i’ve ever watched this year ><) and, the last (but not least) movie i watched this month is Goosebumps! And… i’ve already planned to watch knock-knock tomorrow night 😀

I’m sure there’s grammatical errors in this post. I’ll just hope that y’all will understand because english is not my mother language and still learning by writing my movies review in english 🙂

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