September Wrap Up & Books Haul


Last month i’ve bought 6 books at Gramedia Bookstore Medan and Paper Clip Bookstore Medan. I buyed 5 books at Gramedia (included 1 non-fiction book; English Grammar). And The Maze Runner (English Version) at Paper Clip Bookstore. 
Besides that Wrap Up, i will also writes about -thebookthati’vealreadyreadbefore-
There are:
1. Heart Quay by Putu Felisia
2. Selamanya Cinta by Rudy Efendy (unreviewed)
3. People Like Us (unreviewed)
4. The Chronicles of Audy 21 by Orizuka
5. Simple Thinking about Blood Type by Park Dong Sun
6. Kedai 1001 Mimpi by Valiant Budi

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