#2 Book Haul: June 2014


My book haul on June 2014 is:
1. The One by Kiera Cass.
I’ve buy this book at Booksbeyond.com, the International version. And i planned to read it at June, but i can’t. I’ve little bit busy these days, so maybe i will read it at the end of this month.
2. Guilty Pleasure by Christian Simamora.
I’ve been reads this book! [Click Here] for the review.
3. Simple Thinking about Blood Type by Park Dong Sun.
This is comic & non-fiction book. It’s talk about the characteristic of Blood Type and some short story about Blood Type. I’ve read this book, but i’ve not write the review. Maybe i will write the review as soon as possible.
p.s: i’ve really enjoyed this book, but the price of this book is so expensive (maybe its because of the full-color pages.)
4. Casablanca by Dahlian
Dahlian is one of my favorite Indonesian Author, and Casablanca is one of STPC series. This book have been at my wishlist for a long time, and i buyed this book last month. So excited of this! I will read this ASAP! (but i think i will reads The One first)

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